Why buy from the National Public Sector Telecoms Framework? 

Download your copy of the National Public Sector Telecoms Framework Why Buy Flyer

The framework is EU Compliant and accessible to any organisation within the Public Sector throughout the United Kingdom. The framework provides a One-Stop-Shop for an organisations’ telecommunications requirement from across six Lots:

  • Lot 1 – Integrated and Unified Communications Solutions
  • Lot 2 – IP Telepony, Voice over IP Services and Call Tariff Packages
  • Lot 3 – Wide Area Network (WAN), Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Broadband Services
  • Lot 4 – Local Area Network (LAN) and Associated Services
  • Lot 5 – PABX Systems, PSTN Lines, Call Tariff Packages and Billing Solutions
  • Lot 6 – Mobile, Devices, Airtime and Services

The framework provides added value throughout when compared with other Public Sector Telecoms frameworks. For example:

  • HELP DESK: The framework has a dedicated Help Desk to address both framework and contract management management queries. It also provides access to free of charge technical support; with calls being allocated to an appropriately qualified technical support resource and subject to response within defined service levels. With direct access to dedicated expertise we are able to provide and enhanced standard of framework support.
  • HIGH QUALITY CHOICE OF PROVIDERS: The framework provides a rich and varied choice of suppliers, all of whom offer truly competitive services tailored to meet the requirements of all within the Education Sector.
  • WIDER SCOPE OF SERVICES: Not only is there a great choice of framework providers, the scope of legal services is endless. Frameworks Users can purchase any legal service they require from the framework suppliers.
  • FLEXIBLE APPROACH TO FRAMEWORK USE: The framework provides users with a choice of either Direct Award or Further Competition for the fulfilment of their requirements.
    • VALUE ADDED SUPPORT SERVICES: In complement to the Help Desk, the framework also provides Further Competition and Requirements Assistance Services
  • FURTHER COMPETITION PROCESSES: Both capability based further competition and traditional further competition processes are available under this framework.
  • FURTHER COMPETITION SUPPORT SERVICES: The Further Competition Support Services offer a wide degree and variety of support options. Our CIPS qualified staff can either:
    1. undertake a further competition on behalf of a framework user where they may have neither the skills or the resources to undertake the further competition themselves;
    2. provide a further competition documentation review service to ensure documentation is fit for purpose prior to commencement of the further competition, or
    3. provide technical support to help users formulate a specification to meet their needs and maximise the benefits of the services available through the framework.
  • REQUIREMENTS ASSISTANCES SERVICE: The Requirements Assistances Service is designed to provide professional technical advice and assistance/support to aid organisations to define their Requirements, Business Cases etc. and/or other requirements for technical advice and guidance of a complex nature.